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daily pathogens

Humanity is human no more. In this world of mess we created, it seems to be imperative to just stop, observe the waters we float in (or we deluge ourselves into), and slow down. Are we actually in need of the things that are served to us? Are we actually in need of the things we are serving to ourselves daily? How many pathogens thus we absorb? How many we create?

Seems like we’ve forgotten about our responsibility for the waters we dive in, for the air we breathe, for the fragment of space we invaded. Floating plastics around us, tons of collective trash between us, smug air above us, provocative amount of space junk even higher, orbiting the Earth1 — and as a response, we program the satellites to actually avoid the junk we created. Space is becoming increasingly congested, both literally and figuratively.

When will be enough? When will the realization come? When will moral values emerge to purify the waters full of pathogens? When will the integrity make more space for the change to happen? We need to decontaminate. Now.

How? Is there any healthy solution? If yes, what is it?

It is a strange line between choices, but visible. One side of the fear-based hungry gizzard in layers of insecurity, greed, manipulation, miserable negativity, disconnectedness full of daily pathogens judgmentally ready to spread out, might be altered to the side of the freely spread wings that carry out joy, laughter, freedom of love, spontaneity, tenderness, the wisdom of devotion, to bring about the whole coin of truth.

The line is within us, and we have a choice; at least and above all a choiceless awareness2 within.

Most of us grew up in challenging environments that shaped us. Were we the pray or are we the victim? We cross the polarities of repressiveness and reactiveness when we realize we are here to reach the balance point, not to blame anyone or anything — people around us, conditions, environment, et cetera. By so, we reach the point when we comprehend that we are responsible — not for the past, not for the future — but for our state of being. It is our perspective that shapes our reality. Always.

Imagine you are a pendulum. There are a balance point and two extremes. Where are you now? Which side are you leaning towards any time you are anxious, restless, exhausted, arrogant, selfish, frustrated, revolted, full of, or sick of pathogens? Are you then repressive or reactive? Are you reaching your amplitudes? Where are you when you can take it no more? Where are you when you crash?

No one taught us that the wave is a natural state. Fluctuations of all kinds are natural! We are atoms, molecules, 99.99% empty space vibrating in this world of form. Huh! Of form or of space? From Jung’s collective we mostly learn the rules, the do’s and don’ts that are ready to condition us from the day we took our first breath. From then on we are programmed to limit ourselves, seemingly bounded by time, its order. The truth is we limit ourselves and we are limitless already. We set the rules. Our inner rules.

In your inner pendulum, acceptance of what is is the key. You can’t change what is, but you can change how you will respond to what is (exempli gratia a life situation, or high emotional reaction) — if you choose to respond at all.

Sometimes it’s enough to ask yourself what is the point of your acting. Are you amplitudinal or around the balance point? Are you acting or reacting?

Reacting or even repressing from the amplitude usually prolongs the return to the equilibrium. Physics says it all: the longer the period, the lower the frequency. We are a wave. Everything oscillates.

It is essential to notice that unwavering acceptance doesn’t go hand in hand with judgment, resistance, complaining, attachment or any kind of addiction. We are different and related. We need to cherish our diversities. We need to respect more.

We are humans shaken by the “civilization” we created, “civilization” that still promotes fear-based motivation, nationalism, wars for the loot and more of everything because it’s never enough. When the hell did we give ourselves permission to preempt this Earth? Paradoxically, we encounter the fact as a result that there is no free land. We are the actual pathogens to this Earth.

It’s a flagrant fact that we are enormous polluters of the air that the planet breathes. All that physical garbage in and around Earth is a mirror of the collective ego-violence and endless greedy monetary races. The planet is bleeding because of our pathogenic needs. It seems like it is the last wake-up call. We must awaken. We must evolve.

Evolution can’t go backwards. Like in the Paleozoic (more precisely in the Carboniferous era) — if the water dries up or becomes dangerous, an amphibian becomes a reptilian.

We should have let our inner amphibian evolve for the better Now, brought forth responsibility in stillness with the light-hearted intention against the cupidity in ego cravings. It seems hard, but we are not devoid of change.

We must purify our waters inside — out. The ocean is in front of us, the immense space within us. We must flow with God within, albeit we personalized every deity ever noted. We are an integral part of the Universe, of Nature. Not otherwise. It is time. We must change.

We must be human.

Captured in October 2015 by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO), 128.7 km above the Moon’s surface.

Photos: NASA/LROC (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera)

Despite the name of the picture, when viewed from the Moon, the Earth doesn’t actually rise because the Moon is tidally locked, which means one side of it is always facing Earth which is still above the horizon, varying only a small amount with the slight wobble of the Moon.

1In December 2020, NASA has actually published the handbook for avoiding space junk. If you are further interested, you can download the study here: NASA Spacecraft Conjunction Assessment and Collision Avoidance Best Practices Handbook.
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2Choiceless awareness is a term used in philosophy, psychology, and spirituality, including neuroscience, sociology and art, posited to be the higher state of consciousness, the state of unpremeditated, complete awareness of the present without preference, effort, or compulsion
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